If you guessed exercise, you’re absolutely right!


Exercise has the power to keep you from developing high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and some forms of cancer. In fact, exercise can lower your risk of heart disease as effectively as medications!

It can also help ease arthritis pain, sharpen your memory, trim your waistline, and preserve your independence.

Exercise can do more for your health than medications!

Other Benefits:

✓           Increase flexibility in many joints by strengthening muscles

✓           Lower your chance of developing diabetes by nearly 60%

✓           Fight the decline in immune function that happens with age

✓           Prevent the formation of clots in the bloodstream that can lead to heart attack or stroke

✓          Prevent or lower high blood pressure

And so much more!

Research shows that just a half-hour of moderately intense exercise a day can improve your health and extend your life.

Don’t miss out.

So why isn’t everyone exercising?

One of the biggest reasons is not knowing where to start, or finding a program that’s easy to stick with. That’s why Harvard Medical School experts created Starting to Exercise.