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We combine Science & tradition to create clinically researched herbal blend

Health roots connects humans and herbs to stay healthy

Healthroots !
We transform nature‘s knowledge into herbal formulations, but that’s not all, we also remind of the need to acknowledge natures wisdom to retrieve our own. Our quest is to provide effective drug-free options to enhance health and well-being and what made this quest possible was the determination with which our ancestors had discovered a special sort of balance with nature, one that’s necessary for the success of any herbal blend and we are grateful that they passed it on.

The duality of colours in our logo speaks of such balance which adds up to the holistic approach to life, harmony at its epicentre is a major concern. We make certain that our products come to you through a responsible course. Our products are tested for purity and efficacy. Our principles allow us only to bring forth the best.

Healthroots! You must be wondering ‘where the roots are?’ Well, they lie in the choices we make. We made a choice to trust nature. Would you?

About Health ROOTS

Our Story

Being a doctor and a migraine patient, it was frustrating to not have a permanent cure for migraine. However, one day, a doctor-cum-friend from USA suggested a herbal formulation to control the migraine attacks. I tried the suggested supplements reluctantly, but to my amazement, they gave positive results. These were further suggested to other family members and friends, who benefitted from them too. That’s when health roots was conceptualized by a group of specialist doctors. Having done extensive research over last many years on herbs used in various chronic disorders and studied numerous research papers, the best herbal formulations used across the globe were selected to be made available in India.

HealthRoots Team

Our Team

Our team is constant work in progress, a constant effort to yield the best possible results for the people our products serve, while maintaining harmony with our environment and our community.

About HealthRoots Plants, herbs and ingredients

Our Plants

When it comes to our herbs and ingredients, purity, potency and integrity are our guiding principles. We have created an extensive product range that blends time-tested herbal knowledge with cutting-edge research.