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Joint Blend

Supports Joint health so you can keep enjoying your active lifestyle

₹ 865.00

Joint Blend -herbal medicine for backache


Relieves Migraine & Chronic Headaches naturally

₹ 550.00

HealthRoots-Migoherb best ayurveda for migraine

Wonder Drop

Heals wounds and supports digestive system

₹ 730.00

HealthRoots- Wonder drop for healthy function of the digestive system


Supports Blood Sugar Metabolism

₹ 825.00

HealthRoots- Glycoherb is best herbal option for diabetes cure

Herbicold Plus

Relieves Cold, Cough & Bronchitis
Pack of Three
₹ 414.00 (138*3)

Healthroot-herbicold plus for Cold, Cough & Bronchitis

Redrive AM

Reduces Stress, Anxiety; Improves Memory, Concentration and Work Performance

₹ 730.00

Redrive-AM- Rhodiola


Ammuno- Natural Supplement for Boosting Immunity,

₹ 640.00

Ammuno- Natural Supplement for Boosting Immunity, Healthy ageing. Healthy Kidney Function and Cardiovascular Function


Fiboherb- Supports Healthy Ovary and Uterus,

₹ 730.00

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Amazing healing herbs! Wonder drop is the best thing for wounds, cuts, skin irritation etc! I have also used it for diarrhoea. Just drinking a few drops in water settles the stomach. Great product.

WORKS LIKE A MIRACLE! I Love This Product. I Have Started Going For My Walks Again And I Am Loving The Winters Now. It’s A Miracle.

Apoorva Batra​
For headache free life! I used to have 1-2 migraine headaches weekly for last 5 to 6 years. I’ve been taking it for last two weeks and have had no headache since then. Thank you MIGOHERB!
Noushad Khan